Where To Find Us


We are a family owned and operated business based out of East Durham, with a passion for our community. The food that we make is deeply connected to our identity and roots; we use family recipes that have been passed down for generations here in the South, as well as inspiration for flavors and recipes from our Afro Diasporic roots. Piri pays employees a living wage, and sources from local Black and Brown farmers, building with the community as they grow.

We offer catering and prepared meals throughout the triangle. Our To-Go ready made meals are available for pick-up or delivery every monday and can be ordered directly from our website.

Sour Bakery

Sour Bakery is located in Alamance County and specializes in sourdough (wild yeast) breads and pastries. Sour Bakery was started in 2016 by a Woman who has a passion for delicious baked goods as well as owning a business that is responsible for social change within the industry. You can find more about Sour Bakery and order directly from their website.

Elijah's Farm

Elijah’s Farm is located in Orange County and is run by a mother and son duo focused on growing good food that is nourishing for our bodies and minds. Started in 2019, they practice organic and sustainable growing methods. Always keeping community in focus, Elijah’s Farm’s goal is to change the way we look at those who grow our food and to connect with each other through food and agriculture. You can find Elijah’s Farm on Instagram, @elijahs_farm.